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Canterbury Kayaking

Intermediate Multisport Kayak Course

Intermediate Multisport Kayak Course

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Improve your paddling skills, beyond the basics.



Course Highlights:

✔ Grade 2 refresher  you can get your grade 2 certificate refreshed or reassessed during this program.

 Hire kayaks available  if you don't have your own boat yet (or don't want to travel with one), you can hire a kayak from us.

✔ Guaranteed to run  your course will go ahead regardless of the weather or river flows.

Officially endorsed by Kathmandu Coast to Coast  prepare for your race with a preferred training provider in Christchurch. 

Safety audited by AdventureMark™  you'll be in safe hands under our externally audited safety system. Fully registered with WorkSafe NZ.



"This year I was able to complete the Rasdex Classic Race, and the Coast to Coast Race swim-free!"

– Boyd Pattinson, 9 February 2020


Course Description:

Whether you're fresh off your Grade 2 Course looking for the next step, or a seasoned athlete looking to solidify your skills in the Gorge, our Intermediate Multisport Course is your ticket to success.

You'll learn from New Zealand's top multisport instructors, led by senior instructor Sam Milne.  

We customise every course specific to your needs. Whether you want to work on your forward stroke, your river reading, or nail your roll  your instructor will develop a plan to help you get where you want to be.

If you have recently attended a Grade 2 Certificate Course but not yet passed, or have previously held a certificate that has expired, we can provide a reassessment for you during this program.

You'll train with us for three days in Christchurch, meaning easy access to the Waimakariri River. And, if the weather allows, we’ll take you through the Waimak’ Gorge on the final day.

Once your course is complete, you'll feel a lot more prepared to kayak in the Coast to Coast. You’re also welcome to join us for more trips through the gorge.

If you want to boost your paddling skills beyond the bare minimum, this course is for you!



"The Waimakariri River is no longer this terrifying thing I have to endure to do the C2C - I actually enjoyed it!"

– Kay Chapman, 10 January 2021


Course Details:


Suitable for paddlers who have completed a Grade 2 Certificate Course and would like to improve further, refresh, or be reassessed.

By the date of your course you must have attended a Grade 2 Certificate Course with either Canterbury Kayaking or New Zealand Kayak School in the last 2 years, or hold a valid Grade 2 Kayak Certificate no more than 4 years old, or have successfully completed the Coast to Coast Kayak Stage on race day in a single kayak in the last 8 years.

You must be of good health and fitness, be at least 16 years of age, and between 50-110 kilograms. 


3 Days




Use your own multisport boat, or hire from us.

Program Schedule & Gear Lists:

Participant Information [PDF]


Cancellation Policy



"I'm not a natural kayaker by any means. This course restored my confidence, improved my skills, and has given me plenty to work on. It was exactly what I needed."

– Stephen Arnold, 1 November 2020


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