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About Canterbury Kayaking

The Canterbury Kayaking Story

Canterbury Kayaking was born from the idea that everyone can learn to kayak and compete in the Coast to Coast. After completing my instructor training at Christchurch Polytechnic, I began guiding multisport paddlers down the Waimakarri River. During many trips helping people prepare for the biggest race of their life, and seeing many novices struggle to gain the necessary skills, I began to see the potential to develop something better.

I wanted to create a professional kayak school where Coast to Coast training was the focus, not an afterthought. Inspired by the idea, I went all-in on creating what I hoped would become New Zealand's best multisport kayak school.

Canterbury Kayaking is about preparing new paddlers for the Coast to Coast river section in the best possible way. Our aim is to provide a fresh, modern approach that is both unique and positive for our clients. Our industry-leading innovations include; a focus on learning to roll, consecutive days of methodical instruction, plus utilising a variety of teaching tools like whitewater boats, sea kayaks, and video analysis.

Nearly ten years later, I now have a fantastic team of coaches working alongside me. We are super passionate about what we do, and we're always looking for ways to improve the teaching methods we deliver to our athletes.

Learning to kayak can be a huge challenge for many people, but at Canterbury Kayaking I'm confident that we can help any paddler become competent and confident on the river. 

- Sam Milne, Founder & Manager.



    Very professional and client focused. I'd definitely recommend Canterbury Kayaking to those wishing to maximise their Coast to Coast experience.

    Ian Edmond (C2C 1995 Longest Day champion)

    Not every sportsperson makes a good coach, but you guys are the exception.

    Nicola Peat (C2C Two Day Individual)

    It was awesome being instructed by Sam, who is so passionate about lifting the standard of multisport paddling skills in New Zealand.

    Jess Simson (C2C 2014 & 2015 Longest Day Champion)

    Awesome programs, whether you're an experienced paddler or starting from scratch.

    Tim Lawrey (C2C Two Day Individual)