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Gara Paddles

Gara Odin-River Wing Paddle

Gara Odin-River Wing Paddle

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Minimal weight, maximum performance.

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Whether you’re an experienced racer who loves those ultra-long distances, or a beginner who wants to make good time on the water, a smooth, lightweight paddle is an absolute essential. Produced by a top-tier South African brand, the hand-built Gara Odin River Racing Wing Paddle will make any length of race that much easier to speed through.

Super light and stiff carbon fibre blades have a low swing weight, keeping your strokes free and fast as you rip downstream. A world class teardrop blade shape delivers an early and smooth catch, a stable power phase, and a clean exit. Made from carbon fibre and fibreglass, the shaft features an ideal combination of rigidity and flexibility. The split-shaft design enables on-the-go adjustments to length or feather. If you’re an entry-level or smaller built paddler competing in the Coast to Coast Race, this is a great choice of paddle for you.


    • Blade Tips: Lightweight bi-axle fibreglass (non-metal) reinforced tips. Tip reinforcement improved in 2019 for better Waimak’ durability. Care should still be taken in shallow rivers for the longest possible blade-life.
    • Blade Material: Ultralight carbon-fibre "river" layup.
    • Shaft Material:  Orange colour, 40% carbon, 60% glass. The optimum mix of stiffness vs flex.
    • Shaft: Straight shaft 2 piece adjustable split with hand operated clamp. Stow apart, and rinse thoroughly after use in salt water.
    • Odin XS 200-210cm comes on a "skinny" shaft, which is better for paddlers with small hands.
    • Adjustment Range: Full range of feather adjustment for left and right handed paddlers with degree indicators.
    • Grip: Key grip included. Standard is right handed grip. Left handed grip available on special order.
    • Total Paddle Weight: 630g (Odin-XS).


    • Blade Size: 472mm x 159mm.
    • Blade Area: 641cm2.
    • Recommended Use: Entry-level multisport, smaller built athletes in stable boats, or ultra long distance racing.


    • Blade Size: 478mm x 166mm.
    • Blade Area: 677cm2.
    • Recommended Use: Intermediate multisport, stronger athletes in intermediate boats, or medium-long distance racing.


    • Blade Size: 494mm x 170mm.
    • Blade Area: 740cm2.
    • Recommended Use: Elite-level multisport, well conditioned athletes in intermediate-elite boats, or shorter distance racing.
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