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Want more than just a certificate?

Join our second-stage program on the Waimakariri River.

C2C Skills Course

Welcome to Canterbury Kayaking

If you're about to do your first Coast to Coast Race, gaining solid grade 2 kayaking skills and confidence will be one of your most important steps.

Canterbury Kayaking's simple 3-stage plan will help you develop the skills and expereince you'll need for success on the river.

Join our crew, reach your goals.

Stage 1: Grade 2 Certificate Course

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Stage 2: Coast to Coast Skills Course

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Stage 3: Waimakariri Gorge Trips

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Committed to Quality

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Half-Day Grade 2 Preparation

Get a head-start before your Grade 2 Course, or just give paddling a go.

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Rolling Lessons

Learn to roll, or tidy up your existing roll, with help from a qualified instructor.

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One-on-One Instruction

Need a hand with your paddling skills? We offer private coaching year-round.

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