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Canterbury Kayaking

Coast to Coast First Aid Kit

Coast to Coast First Aid Kit

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Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

If you’ve decided to brave the Coast to Coast, you’ve had to do a lot of training. Even with the training under your belt, you have to make a lot of preparations—especially with your race kit. But at least this part can be simplified. The Coast to Coast Race Compulsory First Aid Kit is your one-stop-shop for all the first aid race requirements.

It’s important to remember that this bag isn’t just for checking the boxes; it could stop a small injury from ruining your experience (and your race time). We’ve kept it to the essentials, but this light bag includes everything you need to rock the race: a crepe bandage, 5 metre-long spool of strapping tape, 10 Band-Aids, a triangular bandage, small scissors, and more. Placed in a small, clear, water-resistant bag, this kit will pass quickly through gear stations and keep your vital safety materials from getting damp. This fuss-free package is ready to go straight into your race kit today.

  • Packaged in a small, clear bag for easier check-through at gear stations.
  • Water-resistant bag material prevents soaked items.
  • Ready to go straight into your race kit today.
  • Fills requirement for Coast to Coast compulsory first aid gear.
  • Weight: 105g


  • Crape Bandage: 1.5m long (unstretched) roll of 5cm wide crepe bandage.
  • Strapping Tape: 5m long roll of 2.5cm wide strapping tape.
  • Band Aids: 10 band-aid strips.
  • Triangular Bandage: Regular size.
  • Scissors: Small.
  • Painkillers: 4.
  • Water Resistant Bag: Supplied in clear snap-lock bag for easy scrutineer checks.
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