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Palm Index Neoprene Socks

Palm Index Neoprene Socks

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Protection from the cold (and your river shoes).

River shoes can be a vital piece of your winter paddling kit—if you’ve got the right accessories to go with them. For complete comfort while you paddle across cold water in your heavy duty shoes, wear the Palm Index Neoprene Water Socks.

Created from a 2mm titanium CR neoprene fabric, these socks provide warmth while protecting your feet from your hardy river shoe. A clever 3D pattern cut contours to your foot and flatlock stitching prevents chafing for ultimate comfort. Due to their small size and flexibility, they can be rolled up and stored with ease if they become too toasty for comfort. While these socks can be worn alone if you plan on taking a quick dip, they’re best used in tandem with your trusty water shoes.

  • 2mm titanium CR neoprene fabric provides warmth and protects your foot from tough river shoe shell.
  • 3D pattern cut contours to foot.
  • Flatlock stitching prevents chafing.
  • Flexibility enables easy storage.
  • Can be worn over drysuit socks as an extra layer of protection.


  • Material: 2 mm Titanium CR neoprene.
  • Construction: Flatlock stitched for comfort.
  • Entry: Slip-on.
  • Cut: 3D pattern to contour the foot.
  • Sole: 2 mm Titanium CR neoprene.


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