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Thermatech Men's Thermal Leggings

Thermatech Men's Thermal Leggings

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For warm stems in cold conditions.

If you’re the kind of paddler who wakes up on a frosty morning itching for a water-bound adventure, but your old thermal pants fill you with regret. Then a pair of ThermaTech Men’s Thermal Leggings, is just what you need to brave the outdoors without fear of frozen legs.

These bottoms are made from a hollowcore polyester fabric that retains heat even when dripping with bone-chilling water. Since the fabric is moisture wicking and odour-resistant too, you won’t feel and smell funky halfway through a day of adventuring. These pants are thin enough for layering inside a dry suit if the cold weather holds, but sturdy enough to be worn on their own if a challenging run heats you up. They can easily be packed into your emergency kit (as required by many multisport races) or simply brought along just in case you end up outdoors longer than you expected. These are perfect for days when it’s colder than an icebox in the arctic outside, but you’re determined to give the water a go.

  • Hollowcore polyester fabric provides warmth even when wet.
  • Moisture wicking and odour-resistant fabric enables all-day wear.
  • Thin enough for layering uses.
  • Fill NZ multisport race requirement for emergency gear.
  • Ideal for cold-weather multisport, whitewater, and sea kayaking.


                                                                          • Fabric: 100% Hollowcore Polyester.
                                                                          • Moisture Wicking: Yes.


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