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Scotch 18m Duct Tape

Scotch 18m Duct Tape

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The ultimate fix-all solution.

There isn’t much you can’t fix with enough duct tape—and that definitely holds true on the water. With a spool of Emergency Kayak Repair Duct Tape, available in multiple snappy colours, you’ll be able to get out of a jam in a jiffy.

Most commonly used for fixing minor boat cracks, this waterproof tape will keep river water from seeping into your boat as you hurry to the take-out. For the most effective seal, dry the surface, then apply. You can use it for anything from stabilizing an injury to reducing itching from a mosquito bite to marking your trail if you end up in the wilderness. Although it’s a requirement if you decide to brave the Coast to Coast or most of New Zealand’s multisport events, this tape is so light and useful that’ll you’ll find yourself grabbing a spool each time you head out for the water.

  • Waterproof material creates a temporary patch on your boat.
  • Can be used for anything from stabilizing an injury to marking your trail.
  • Small and lightweight for easy stowage.
  • Meets Coast to Coast and NZ Multisport Racing Standards.


                                                    • Length: 18.2m.
                                                    • Width: 48mm.
                                                    • Waterproof: Yes.
                                                    • Lightweight: Yes.
                                                    • Colour: Various colours (picture is example only).
                                                    • Meets Coast to Coast & NZ Multisport Racing Standards: Yes.
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