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Palm 45L Multisport Kayak Airbag

Palm 45L Multisport Kayak Airbag

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Save your place in the race.

When you’re powering down an exciting river run, taking an unexpected dip is never fun. But it’s even worse when you realize that both your treasured craft and your hope for a winning pace are sinking together. Prevent the worst from happening with the Palm Multisport Kayak 45L Airbag.

Designed long and skinny for racing kayaks, these float bags are made from tough 0.35 PVC so they are durable, but won’t weigh you down as you cut through the water. A simple valve design is easy to operate, even for the most novice of support crews. These devices well exceed the minimum requirements for most races in New Zealand, and will not only keep your boat afloat in the event of a swim, but will also make getting back into the race quicker and easier. These airbags are sold individually, but make sure you purchase two to create a pair.

  • Made from durable 0.35 PVC that won’t slow you down.
  • Half stern (one side) positioning.
  • Simple, push waterproof air valve is easy to operate.
  • Exceeds the minimum requirements for most NZ races.
  • Ideal for most long, multisport kayaks.


                                                                    • Main Body Fabric: Durable 0.35 PVC.
                                                                    • Seams: High frequency welded.
                                                                    • Attachment: Securing eye for tying to.
                                                                    • Valve: Push waterproof air valve.
                                                                    • Colour: Blue.
                                                                    • Size: Ideal for most long multisport kayaks.
                                                                    • Location: Half stern (one side).
                                                                    • Sold Individually: Yes.
                                                                    • Complies with NZ Mulisport Racing Standards: Yes.
                                                                    • Weight: 349g.
                                                                    • Dimensions: 141cm x 37.5cm.
                                                                    • Volume: 45L.
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