Rasdex Sun Gloves

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Size Hand Width
Small 75 mm
Medium 85 mm
Large 95 mm

Getting the Right Fit

Measure the width of your hand at the knuckles.

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Say adieu to sunburned hands without saying goodbye to dexterity.

Even if you reapply twice an hour, sunscreen just washes off when you spend all day on the water. And there’s no way to protect your hands from the whipping wind; you can only try to repair your windburned hands later with ointment or lotion. That’s why every paddler needs a pair of Rasdex Kayaking Sun Gloves in their kit.

Soft, light, and waterproof neoprene covers the tops of your hands only, protecting them from sun, wind, and the occasional scrape while leaving your palm and fingers open for a natural grip on your paddle. A Velcro® fastener and finger loops secure your gloves in place, so you can quickly adjust them before you head out. Open ends allow you to easily operate zippers, toggles, food, or fishing lines without removing your gloves. If you’re looking to protect your hands year-round while retaining your fingers’ freedom, these are the gloves for you.

  • Waterproof, 1.5mm neoprene protects skin from sun, wind, and spray while remaining flexible and light.
  • Open-palm design enables skin contact with your paddle.
  • Open ends allow you to operate items with dexterity without removing gloves.
  • Velcro® fastener and finger loops ensure your gloves stay in place.
  • Ideal for paddling in all conditions.


  • Material: 1.5mm water proof neoprene for warmth, flexibility, and light feel.
  • Fingers: Individual finger pockets for a better and more secure fit.
  • Fingertips: Open ends allow you to operate zippers, toggles, food, fishing lines, etc. without glove removal.
  • Palm: Open palm allows you to have direct contact with the paddle shaft for maximum feel and control.
  • Fastening: Velcro strap for a customised and secure fit around your wrist.


  S M L
Hand Width 75 mm 85 mm 95 mm