Smiley’s Nose Clip

Smiley’s Nose Clip

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For capsizing with comfort.

If you plan on capsizing, or know that it’s probably in the cards, you don’t want water shooting up your nose. It causes painful complications as it drains down your sinuses—and can lead to a less-than-perfect roll. Luckily, you can squeeze on a Smiley’s Kayaking Nose Clip to stop your next dip underwater from scrambling your brain.
Easily adjustable, this clip adheres to your specific nose shape while holding on tight. Its ingenious design incorporates a leash for your helmet so you never lose it, even as you spend a morning practising your hand-rolls. With your nose under wraps, you can crash through whitewater without worrying about uncomfortable water placement if you have to make a wet exit. Its pads are soft yet grippy, so you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing it. An essential tool for all kayakers, especially beginners, this vital gear needs to be part of your kit. 

  • Bendable wire frame allows for full adjustability.
  • Small and inconspicuous look.
  • Soft cushioned nose pads grip your nose tightly, but comfortably.
  • Nylon safety cord easily loops around your helmet strap to prevent loss.
  • Essential for all kayakers, particularly beginners.


                                                                              • Frame: Bendable wire frame allows for full adjustability.
                                                                              • Pads: Soft cushioned nose pads that grip on tight.
                                                                              • Cord: Nylon safety cord easily loops around your helmet strap to prevent loss.