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Sweet Protection

Sweet Rocker HC Helmet

Sweet Rocker HC Helmet

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The ultimate whitewater helmet.

When you’re charging through rapids, you need to be focused on manoeuvring yourself around protruding rocks, not worrying about busting your head open in the event of a capsize. With the Sweet Protection Rocker Half-Cut Kayak Helmet, you’ll crash through whitewater with confidence.

This helmet leads the industry in head protection, comfort, and features. Carbon-fibre reinforced impact protection ensures that your head is as safe as possible while you paddle on shallow or rocky rivers. A removable visor blocks the sun from your eyes, improving your ability to spot upcoming eddies. Fully removable soft earpads warm your ears in cold conditions and provide protection to your inner eardrums in the event of a quick capsize. This is the number one choice for professional kayakers and serious enthusiasts that demand maximum safety and comfort on the water. If you are looking for the very best, look no further.


  • Carbon-fibre reinforced impact protection keeps your head as safe as possible.
  • Removable visor keeps sun out of your eyes.
  • Removable ear pads warm your ears and add side ear-impact protection.
  • Warm thermal liner for comfort in cool conditions.
  • Ideal for whitewater adventures.


  • Outer Shell: TLC (Thermoplastic Laminated Carbon).
  • Inner Shell: ABS thermoplastic.
  • Liner: Full coverage CoolMax liner for warmth when it’s cold, and evaporation when it’s hot.
  • Tension System: OCCIGRIP no-roll tightening system around lower skull that can be operated with one hand.
  • Chin Strap: Fully adjustable webbing system.
  • Visor: Adjustable height, fully removable, and shatterproof sun visor that helps to direct water away from your face.
  • Ear Protection: Removable soft ear pads with EVA frame and perforations for better hearing.
  • Customisation: Adhesive internal fit pads supplied so you can adjust the inner shape perfectly.
  • Certification: EN 1385 international standard for whitewater sports headgear.
  • Weight: 550g.


  M/L L/XL

Head (Around)

56 - 59 cm

22 - 23 1/4"

59 - 61 cm

23 1/4 - 24"

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