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Rasdex Cockpit Cover

Rasdex Cockpit Cover

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Keep the water (and the wetas) out.

You’ve got your paddling jacket on, dry bag packed, and life jacket thrown in the back seat of your car. You stride out to the backyard, where you placed your kayak after your last excursion. You walk over to it—and step back in disgust. Is that a weta colony living in your boat? With the Rasdex Neoprene Kayak Cockpit Cover, this nightmare doesn’t have to turn into a reality.

Made from waterproof and extremely durable 3.5mm neoprene fabric, this cover will keep the elements (and wildlife) from overtaking your boat as it sits outside. If your boat is stored indoors, the cover will block out rain when you’re travelling from your home to put-in, and will streamline your kayak for improved fuel efficiency and less noise as you rattle along the highway. At the end of the day, wet gear can be sealed into your boat for no-mess transport. If you’re looking to keep the outdoors outside your craft, this is the perfect piece of equipment for you.

  • Waterproof and extremely durable 3.5mm neoprene fabric blocks the elements.
  • Streamlines your kayak for better fuel efficiency and less noise when travelling.
  • Tight bungee around cockpit rim ensures a secure fit, while sewn webbing loop enables easy removal.
  • Can help hold gear inside kayak for transport.
  • Ideal for transport and storage.

                                                                  Kayak Sizing

                                                                    Barracuda Multisport 3 Multisport 2 Multisport 1 Multisport Evo
                                                                  Cockpit Length
                                                                  730 - 800 cm 670 - 730 cm 670 - 730 cm 580 - 650 cm
                                                                  Cockpit Width
                                                                  440 - 480cm 400 - 440cm 380 - 410cm 380 - 420