Gurney Gears Bumfortable Kayak Seat

Gurney Gears Bumfortable Kayak Seat

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No more numb bums.

Is paddling your old seat giving you numb feet or a sore bum? You can tough it out for a while, but it’s when you try to make that crucial rudder movement with your toes, or attempt to stand up afterwards, that can really ruin your day. After being squished into a harsh plastic or fibreglass seat for hours, your bottom simply doesn’t have the spirit to ache anymore. Stop suffering from a numb bum—install your Gurney Gear’s Bumfortable Kayak Seat today.

Made from a lightweight, smooth foam, this seat reduces pressure points while allowing you add some extra rotation to your paddle stroke. By supporting your back and encouraging proper posture, this seat reduces pressure on spots that are prone to causing grief. Its extended length also spreads the pressure on your legs while keeping your hamstrings warm, aiding circulation and reducing cramps. Because it lowers your center of gravity, it also increases your boat’s stability. And that’s not all; while a rigid seat structure is likely to hole your boat when a rock scrapes the hull, this seat allows your hull to continue flexing as it passes along the obstruction, reducing the chances of structural damage and subsequent required repair. This seat is easy to install and customize for the perfect fit. Pair this dynamite seat with the additional Bumfortable Back-Strap and Hip Wedges for the absolute best results.

  • Lightens pressure all around, reducing chafing, aiding hamstring circulation, and encouraging extra rotation of paddle stroke.

  • Lowers your center of gravity to increase your boat’s stability.

  • Reduces chances of structural damage to hull.

  • Easy to install.

  • Ideal for long distance multisport racing and sea kayaking.


  • Flat or Rounded Hull? Beginner to Intermediate multisport kayaks will require the Flat Hull option (sea kayak, Saracen, Eclipse, Rockstar). Elite level multisport kayak designs will require the Rounded Hull option (Sharp, UFO).

  • Forgiving: The softness of the foam reduces pressure points and allows extra rotation in your paddle stroke.

  • Smooth Surface: Allows ease of rotation within the seat to aid in paddle efficiency.

  • Custom Moulding: Can be shaped to your bum by gentle use of heat, (eg hairdryer, hot-water bottle, or domestic fan heater), if you so desire. It is also easy to cut, grind and glue.

  • Waterproof: Completely non-absorbent foam will not soak up excess water.

  • Warm: Closed cell foam is warmer on cold mornings and more comfortable than fibreglass. Less abrasive and much less likely to make your legs fall asleep.

  • Prevents Chaffing: By structurally supporting your back while kayaking through proper posture, rather than allowing pressure on flesh where chaffing occurs.

  • Reduced Pressure on Hamstrings: Extended length reduces pressure and keep hamstings warm. This aids circulation and reduces cramps.

  • Increased Balance: Lowers centre of gravity which increases kayak stability (choose the model to suit your kayak’s dimensions).

  • Reduced Chance of Hull Damage: A rigid seat structure is more likely to hole the kayak when a rock scrapes along the hull because it represents a sudden change in elastic flexibility of the hull. This seat will allow the hull to continue elastically flexing as the hull passes along the obstruction highly reducing the chances of structural damage and subsequent required repair.

  • Bilge Pump Flow Tunnels: Incorporated into the underside allow liquid to flow to your bilge pump (bilge pump not included).