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Palm Equipment Pilot Neoprene Skull Cap

Palm Equipment Pilot Neoprene Skull Cap

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Beat brain-freeze.

Helmets are great and all, but they don’t stop all that cold water from rushing in when you’re practicing your rolls in early spring. For a new level of under-helmet comfort, you need the Palm Pilot Kayaking Skull Cap.

Made from plush, fibre-lined neoprene, this cap provides that extra layer of warmth you need to keep your brain warmed up and prepared for the next dip underwater. A high-pile fleece lining, thermofibre-lined neoprene makes this hat exceptionally toasty. Over-ear coverage keeps the frostbite at bay, while the water-blocking neoprene helps prevent the onset of brain-freeze when you take a spill into a frigid lake or river. This is an ideal winter layering piece that can be worn under a helmet all day long, or tucked into your life jacket pocket.

  • Plush neoprene fabric blocks water.
  • High-pile fleece lining keeps head toasty.
  • Sleek size enables easy fit under your helmet and simple stowage.
  • Over-ear coverage adds extra protection from cold.
  • Ideal for winter paddling.


  • Fabric: 2mm fibre lined neoprene.
  • Stitching: Flat lock stitching for comfort.
  • Cut: Over ear and low neck coverage.
  • Weight: 70g.