Waterproof Revival Spray

Waterproof Revival Spray

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Revive your favourite gear.

After investing so much in your high-quality paddling jackets, dry suits, dry tops, and who knows what else, it’s a shame to have to replace them when they stop shedding water. So don’t! With the Gecko Guard Water Repellent Fabric Treatment, you can bring your favourite waterproof and windproof items back to life.

Unlike other products on the market, this formula is not water-based, so it stays on longer—even in tough New Zealand conditions. If you’ve got something that needs to be waterproofed, this solution, made from chemically non-reactive fluoropolymer, can handle it; it can be used on all windproof and waterproof fabrics, and both natural and synthetic fabrics. After a treatment, your garment can even be washed up to four times. To top it all, it’s eco-friendly, so you can spray away without a worry. If you’d like to keep your gear going for seasons to come, this is an excellent buy. One bottle is usually enough to treat 1 dry suit, 2 paddle jackets, or 2 dry tops.

  • Can be used on all wind and waterproof fabrics.
  • Can be used on both natural and synthetic fabrics.
  • Post-treatment, clothing may be washed up to 3 or 4 times.
  • Eco-friendly; will not harm the ozone layer.
  • Ideal for reviving technical waterproof breathable fabrics

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