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Werner Paddles Sherpa 194cm 45R Small Shaft

Werner Paddles Sherpa 194cm 45R Small Shaft

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Popular for good reason.

If you plan on spending your whole Sunday powering down rivers, you need to make sure your paddle blades aren’t going to be the thing to wear you out. Werner’s Sherpa Whitewater Paddle is perfect for paddlers who have a passion for all-day whitewater activities. A popular choice for anyone from the beginner to the pro, the Sherpa will level up your strokes while ensuring you aren’t too tired to hit the water again the following morning.

A medium-sized blade face delivers just the right amount of power to paddlers of any size, while ensuring that your arms won’t experience extreme fatigue from extended adventuring. No matter how many rocks your blades scrape, their fibreglass construction enables them to last through seasons of hard use. A straight fibreglass shaft works well for beginners or seasoned pros who enjoy the simplicity and slight flex of a traditional shaft design. We highly recommend the Sherpa for small to average-sized paddlers or beginners who want to start their paddling careers with a bang.

  • Mid-sized blade, best for small to average-sized paddlers, enables good stroke power.
  • Fibreglass construction ensures long-lived durability and reliability.
  • Straight shaft with ovalized grip works for both beginners and seasoned fans of simple design.
  • Medium dihedral blade design facilitates solid power all day long.
  • Ideal for whitewater paddling.


  • Blade Material: Fibreglass for maximum durability while remaining light.
  • Shaft Construction: Fibreglass for maximum durability and optimised flex for reduced joint strain.
  • Shaft Shape: Straight ovalized shaft for a natural grip.
  • Blade Type: Medium dihedral river running design for good power while allowing you to paddle all day long.
  • Paddle Weight: 985g
  • Blade Surface Area: 680 cm2.
  • Blade Length x Width: 46cm x 19.5cm.