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Learn to Roll Lessons

Learn to Roll Lessons

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Forget swimming, learn to roll.

Length: 3 evening lessons, over three weeks.
Equipment: Kayaks & equipment provided (use your own kayak on the final lesson if you want).
Location: Riccarton, Christchurch.
Experience level: No experience is required.
Requirements: Be at least 16 years old and between 50 - 110kg at the time of the course.
Season: May, June, July.
Details: Participant Information PDF | Cancellation Policy

Learning to roll your kayak is one of the most valuable things you can do for your overall confidence and river safety. We believe everyone can learn to roll, and all Coast to Coast competitors should work on having a reliable roll for race day.

Improve the likelihood of passing your grade 2 certificate.

You're not required to roll to pass your certification. However, on our grade 2 courses, we consistently notice that once people can roll reliably, confidence increases dramatically. Feeling confident, safe, and relaxed on the river allows you to focus on your skills, rather than just staying upright. This helps you gain competence faster and makes passing your grade 2 certificate easier.

Become a more efficient, and safer multisport paddler.

If you fall over on race-day and cannot roll up, it can cost an extra 15-20 minutes for every time you need to bail out. However, if you can roll reliably, you'll be much faster overall. Not only by avoiding swimming, but also from the increased confidence to safely take faster lines down the river.

Learn in a heated pool, from a qualified instructor.

Learning to roll is best achieved in a comfortable and safe environment. The pool we use is fully heated, indoors, and shallow enough for your coach to stand right next to you. There are full changing room facilities and free car parking. We've chosen our pool as the best place in Christchurch to teach you to roll.

Gain a clearer picture, with video analysis coaching.

Words are sometimes not enough. That's why our coaches keep recording devices on hand for video analysis when needed. This method allows you to see exactly what aspect of your technique you need to focus on, fame-by-frame. You can then instantly adjust, and nail your first roll.

Have a reliable roll, for the Kathmandu Coast to Coast.

Competitors are not required to be able to roll, but it is highly recommended. While there are safety crews in key spots on the river, you are responsible for your own safety. This means that if you loose your balance and cannot roll, you'll need to self-rescue by swimming. A prospect that is very cold, less safe, and highly draining to your energy levels.

Learn faster, from well-trained teachers.

If you've tried to learn to roll elsewhere and not had success, we'd encourage you to give our coaches a chance. Our teaching methods have been well developed through formal study at Christchurch Polytechnic. We believe we can provide more effective instruction than your mates, or even fellow paddlers at your local club.

Learn a proven method, from NZOIA qualified instructors.

There are many variations on the "correct" rolling technique, and even more ways to teach it. We instruct based on guidance from the New Zealand Outdoor Instructor's Association. So you know you'll be learning a roll that's safe, easy on your body, and promotes good habits.

What our clients say... 

Sam's rolling instruction technique is awesome. He really helped me to improve my roll!

Nicola Whelan-Henderson (Christchurch), 7 Mar 2017.

Being upside-down in water was my biggest fear. So I started with a few rolling sessions with Canterbury Kayaking and it was a great feeling to become comfortable at rolling.

Louise Stephens (Christchurch), 16 Mar 2017.

Book now, and nail your first roll with us.

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