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Rasdex Neoprene Skull Cap

Rasdex Neoprene Skull Cap

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Dive head-first into winter paddling.

If you’re learning how to whitewater kayak, or are practicing your rolls in cold water, staying warm is an absolute priority. And if you’ve ever experienced the typical “cold-shock” response that can make you gasp in panic, you know how necessary it is to avoid that sensation. With the Rasdex Neoprene Kayak Skull Cap, you’ll stay calm and toasty as you dip in and out of frigid water.

Made from 1.5mm neoprene, this hat will provide warmth and protection from cold wind and spray as you glide past peaceful winter scenes. Fitting close to your head, it will go a long way toward slowing the entry of cold water under your helmet, preventing that dreaded brain freeze. By reducing the sudden sting of chilly water, it will let you think clearly underwater—which can mean the difference between a roll and an unintentional wet exit. When things heat up, you can easily tuck this small cap away in your pocket and enjoy the afternoon sun.

  • Plush neoprene fabric blocks water and keeps your head warm.
  • Low-profile size enables easy fit under helmet and quick stowing.
  • Over-ear coverage for extra protection.
  • Two sizes available for a precise fit.
  • Ideal for winter paddling.


  • Fabric: 1.5mm neoprene.
  • Seams: Flat stitched for comfort.
  • Cut: Shaped to stay on your head and fit under a helmet.
  • Best Use: Whitewater Paddling & Cold Conditions.
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