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Palm Equipment Impact Spray Skirt R4 M/L

Palm Equipment Impact Spray Skirt R4 M/L

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Serious protection from serious spray.

If you’re a whitewater or freestyling fanatic, you need a hardcore spray deck in your kit—one like the Palm Impact Whitewater Kayaking Spray Skirt. This deck is your best bet for a comfortable day riding rapids or aceing your front-loop.

Made from a super stretchy jersey neoprene, the top of this skirt absorbs large amounts of pressure without the risk of the rim pulling off while you roll. A sticky Gripsil edge on the underside holds the cockpit closely, making sure the whole thing stays put. An oversized 3/4 neoprene lip provides extra protection, so you won’t be bothered by cold water trickling down your knee. As an added plus, the O-ring seal holds the neoprene jersey waist tube in place around your body with or without a jacket, in case it’s too hot outside for those extra layers. Once you’ve arrived at your take-out, walking out will be a snap with a webbing release loop that features a handy attachment clip for walking (or hanging on the line later). This is a premium spray skirt that’ll suit all your whitewater and freestyling adventures to come.

  • Stretchy jersey neoprene fabric absorbs pressure without risk of implosion.
  • Sticky Gripsil edge keeps cockpit seal in place.
  • Oversized ¾ neoprene lip provides extra security from the water.
  • O-ring seal holds waist tube in place with or without a jacket for added comfort in warm weather or in the pool.
  • Ideal for whitewater and freestyle paddling.


  • Main Fabric: 3mm super stretchy Nylon Jersey CR neoprene.
  • Rim Fabric: Nytex & Supratex CR re-enforced neoprene for extra wear protection in this area.
  • Waist Fabric: CR neoprene jersey tunnel with O-ring seal to create a dry, secure fit.
  • Seams: Triple glued, blind stitched and Melco taped seams for durability and dryness.
  • Rand: Strong 9.5mm elastic shockcord double sewn to deck.
  • Shape: 3 dimensional.
  • Underside: Sticky Gripsil around cockpit to grip tight and provide a better seal.
  • Dry-Lip: 3/4 length oversized neoprene lip to provide enhanced seal and dryness around cockpit rim and bolt holes.
  • Pull Tab: 38mm webbing release loop with handy attachment clip for drying and walking.
  • Weight: 771g (R4 M/L).