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Earth Sea Sky

Earth Sea Sky Polypropylene Thermal Gloves

Earth Sea Sky Polypropylene Thermal Gloves

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Don’t let the cold sneak up on you.

Every Kiwi has his or her own must-have items ready to combat the ever-changing New Zealand weather. For some, it’s a rain jacket and hood. For others, it’s a paddling cap and sunglasses. For the cold-weather paddler, it’s a pair of thermal hand warmers like Earth Sea Sky’s Polypropylene Thermal Gloves.

Made from lightweight polypropylene, these gloves will keep your fingers toasty while allowing them to move with ease, so you can set up your kayaking gear by the put-in without letting that chilly morning mist stiffen your hands. They are also easily packed, making them an ideal emergency glove for multisport races, which often require you to carry a pair. If you’re looking for a piece of gear that will make surprisingly chilly mornings that much better, these are just what you need.

  • Lightweight polypropylene keeps hands toasty with minimum bulk.
  • Easily folded and packed for quick storage.
  • Fill NZ multisport race requirement for emergency glove.
  • Ideal for lightweight emergency glove or general outdoor use.
  • Recommended for “off the water” paddling activities.


              Fabric Polypropylene for thermal efficiency with minimum bulk.
              Cuffs Extra long cuffs for full wrist coverage.
              Manufactured in New Zealand
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