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Coast to Coast Skills Course

Coast to Coast Skills Course

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Go beyond the basics, and become totally confident on the river.

Length: 4 days.
Equipment: Use your own kayak or hire from us.
Location: Christchurch & North Canterbury.
Experience level: You need to attend Canterbury Kayaking's Grade 2 Certificate Course prior to this course.
Requirements: Be at least 16 years old and between 50 - 110kg at the time of the course.
Season: November, December, January.
Details: Participant Information PDF | Cancellation Policy

If you're about to compete in your first C2C race, our highly popular Coast to Coast Skills Course will take you beyond the basics. You can use your own multisport boat or hire from us, and if the weather allows we'll take you on a trip through the Gorge.

If you did not gain certification during your Grade 2 Certificate Course, you can complete a reassessment during this program.

The only four-day multisport course on the Coast to Coast route.

Canterbury Kayaking is the only place you can spend four days training in your own boat, on the full Coast to Coast river section. If weather allows, we'll be aiming to take you down the entire C2C route, in progressive stages. By the end of the course, you will have covered off the entire river (including the Gorge).

Guaranteed to run, regardless of weather or flows.

Having a block of river training called off due to bad weather or flows can really mess with your overall plan. If for some reason we can't get on the Waimak' during your course, we'll simply move to one of our other training locations. This means we can still give your river skills a massive boost, making the most of our time together.

The only multisport course in New Zealand that will teach you to roll.

If you fall over on race day and cannot roll up, it can cost an extra 15-20 minutes every time you bail out. We believe that being a safe and successful multisport paddler means having a reliable roll. As far as we know, we're the only multisport kayak school in New Zealand to focus heavily on helping you learn to roll.

Learn more, from the highest qualified multisport instructors in New Zealand.

Canterbury Kayaking is run by professional kayak coach Sam Milne and his small team of instructors. Sam is currently New Zealand’s highest qualified multisport instructor coaching full-time. Sam has logged well over 100 guided paddles down the Coast to Coast route and was featured in the recently published book The Longest DayAll our instructors have NZOIA awards, plus degrees in outdoor education.

Recommended and endorsed, by Kathmandu Coast to Coast.

Over the past eight years, Canterbury Kayaking has helped around one thousand people prepare for the Coast to Coast. Canterbury Kayaking is officially recognised by the Coast to Coast as a "preferred provider". Our courses are highly specific to this race, so you can rest assured we'll cover everything you need to know for success on the river.

Develop skills faster, from well-trained teachers.

Our priority is to get you as skilled as possible, as efficiently possible. We believe that helping you is not about us being good racers, it's about us being good teachers. To ensure this, our coaches have degree-level educational training. We remember what it was like to learn and work hard to make learning to kayak as easy as possible for you.

Gain more knowledge, from NZOIA qualified instructors.

There is a lot of information to absorb in kayaking. Knowing what skills to focus on at the right time, can be the key to your success. Our instructors are members of the New Zealand Outdoor Instructors Association. We keep up to speed with best practices, so you can enjoy the latest modern instructional techniques.

Learn in a safe environment, with Adventure Mark certification.

If you don't feel safe and confident on the river, you're not going to perform at your full potential. Our safety systems have been developed over years of experience and checked by Adventure Mark Safety Auditors. With us, you'll feel confident to push beyond your comfort zone, knowing we have your safety as our top priority.

What our clients say... 

Absolutely invaluable. I can't even imagine attempting the C2C without learning from Sam.

Peter Creighton (Auckland), 20 Jan 2019.

So stoked to get down the Gorge dry, and to have got my roll!

Kylie McGillivray-Brown (Napier), 12 Jan 2020.

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