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Aspiring Safety 5mm Prusik Cord

Aspiring Safety 5mm Prusik Cord

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Working hard to ensure your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

When you’re rigging up a complex mechanical advantage system, you need everything to work, plain and simple. After spending so much time on your system, you need to be sure you have a Prusik knot ready to keep your hard work in place—otherwise, you’ll be back to the drawing board after every tug. With the Aspiring 5mm River Rescue Prusik Cord, made right here in New Zealand, you won’t have to worry about losing tension on the boat.

At a 5mm diameter width, this cord works well with a rated throwbag or climbing rope, making sure any hard work on your Z-drag doesn’t experience a setback. It works well as a breaking back-up for ascending and descending applications, too, just in case your creeking gets a little on the wild side. Its compact size lets you fit it in nearly any kit, so there’s no excuse not to squeeze a couple lengths of this cord in your river rescue kit!

  • 5mm diameter width works well with a rated throwbag or climbing rope for use with mechanical advantage systems or asceding and descending applications.
  • Bright colours are easy to distinguish from other ropes and spot in the water.
  • Compact size enables easy stowage.
  • Sold per metre.
  • Ideal for river rescue.


  • Usage: River rescue in combination with a rated throw-bag or climbing rope.
  • Rated Strength: 5.8kN.
  • Certification: CE EN564.
  • Length: Sold per metre.
  • Width: 5mm.