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Aspiring Safety 25mm Rescue Webbing

Aspiring Safety 25mm Rescue Webbing

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A hundred uses on the water.

Every river-runner knows that tricky situations on the water are a dime a dozen—and that’s why every experienced paddler has lengths of ropes and webbing on hand at all times. If you’re looking to restock, or are building out your river rescue kit for the first time, you defiantly need Aspiring’s 25mm River Rescue Webbing, a New Zealand-made favorite for multi-use river rescue.

Whether you’re using it as an anchor, for lowering kayaks, for reaching a victim, or basically anything else you can think of, this 25mm width nylon tubular webbing is strong enough to get you out of a jam. Commonly carried in about 5–6 metre lengths, it can be easily stowed in your PFD, around your waist, or within easy reach in your kayak. If you’re planning on hitting a creek or even just playboating down your favorite run, this webbing is a must-have on the water.

  • 25mm width nylon tubular material is excellent as a reliable river rescue sling or anchor.
  • Strong enough for many uses, such as lowering kayaks or reaching a victim.
  • Easily stowable in your PFD, around your waist, or in your kayak.
  • Sold per metre.
  • Ideal for river rescue.


  • Material: Tubular nylon webbing.
  • Usage: River rescue sling, anchor, or other.
  • Rated Strength: 18kN.
  • Certification: CE EN565.
  • Length: Sold per metre.
  • Width: 25mm