We are back open at Level 2. Thanks for supporting our small business :)

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I book now and COVID-19 ruins our plans?

If you are unable to attend, or we have to call a course or trip off due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are happy to reschedule your booking to a later date a no additional charge.

I'm new to paddling and doing the Coast to Coast Race, where do I start?

A Grade 2 Kayaking Skills Certificate is the minimum requirement to enter the Coast to Coast. So make sure you sign up for our Grade 2 Certificate Course as soon as possible. You may also consider booking a Coast to Coast Skills Course and Gorge Trips at the same time to create a complete skills plan.

What is the course schedule & locations? What gear do I need? etc.

You can find the most current course information packs here on our website. Simply choose the course or trip you are interested in from the main menu "Kayak School" then scroll down about half-way and click the link "Information Pack".

What course/trip dates are available and how do I book?

The best way to book is via our website. From the main menu "Kayak School" click on the course or trip you are interested in. You can view the available date options in the drop-down menu at the top of the page. If our website allows you to select a date, it means there is at least one space open on it. Enter your details and proceed through to the checkout. Purchase your course or trip spot in the same way you would buy a product online.

How do I book on behalf of someone else?

Enter the person's name into the "name of participant" field when selecting the date option. You'll also need the person's accurate height and weight information. Once your booking is processed, we'll see that your billing name is different to the participant name, and we'll request more information such as the participant's contact phone and email.

How do I book multiple people onto the same course or trip?

Add the first person's booking to your cart, then return to the course/trip page to add another booking for the same date. You can add as many bookings as you like to your cart. Our website should keep track of the number of available spaces on each date, so if you are unable to add additional people to your cart, try another date option (groups of more than 4 people should contact us first). Checkout and pay as one order to ensure you all stay together.

Can you pencil me in?

Sorry, this can get messy fast, and spaces are very limited. We now only take bookings with payment.

Can I book my spot on a course with a deposit?

Yes. We do have an option to pay a 50% deposit to reserve your place. Please contact us if you need us to arrange this for you.

What is your cancellation policy?

We do charge a fee if you cancel your booking. The amount depends on the amount of notice you provide. Please ensure you've read and are comfortable with our refund policy before you book. Also note that we have a special policy for Waimakariri Gorge Trips, which includes a non-refundable deposit. 

Do you have any hire kayaks available for Coast to Coast?

Sorry, all our kayaks are already booked for Coast to Coast 2021.

I see you stock "x" brand, can I order other products not shown on the CK website?

Yes absolutely! We can order in a huge range of items from our New Zealand based suppliers. This normally only takes a couple of days to get a specific product for you.