Fox 40 Mini Whistle
Fox 40 Mini Whistle
Fox 40 Mini Whistle
Fox 40 Mini Whistle
Fox 40 Mini Whistle

Fox 40 Mini Whistle

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Be heard when it counts.

Whether you like to brave the most challenging of creeks or race down epic river gorges, you know that a capsize can happen at any moment—and maybe right when your kayaking partner is out of shouting distance. But if yelling at the top of your lungs doesn’t work, all is not lost. The Fox 40 Mini Whistle is your ticket to a quick rescue.

Compact enough to slip into your pocket, this handy device can be attached to your PFD with the included lanyard and key ring for quick access in emergency situations. With the capability to produce 109 decibels of noise, this whistle can easily be heard over roaring whitewater or crashing ocean surf. Due to a pealess design, it will shoot straight to full volume right after a dunk in the water. Required by New Zealand multisport races, this whistle is essential safety gear for every kayaker’s kit.

  • Small enough to fit in a pocket and easily attached to your PFD.
  • Ability to produce 109 decibels of noise for long-distance needs or rough conditions.
  • Pealess design enables whistle to work when wet.
  • Complies with NZ Multisport racing standards (including the Coast to Coast).
  • Ideal for river rescue, whitewater, sea kayaking, and multisport racing.


  • Materials: Injection moulded plastic (will not rust).
  • Pealess: Yes (works when wet).
  • Design: Patented 3-chamber design (no moving parts).
  • Attachment: Supplied with lanyard and key ring.