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CT Oval Screw Gate Carabiner

CT Oval Screw Gate Carabiner

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Don’t let Z-drags be a drag.

Whether you don’t have time to figure out which way around your biner is supposed to go or you need to rig up some webbing (and quick!), the CT Pillar Lightweight Oval Screw Gate Carabiner is exactly what you need. An updated take on an old classic, this gear is a must-have for any serious paddler’s kit.

Straightforward and easy to use, you’ll pull this biner out as soon as you eye a pinned boat. Its gradual curves easily accommodate any rescue roping—slings, belays, webbing—so you won’t need to worry about orientation as you whip out your rescue gear and prepare a Z-drag. Though the anodised aluminum material is surprisingly light, you’ll find that it’s strong enough to help pull the largest Waka from the water. Clip one of these to your river rescue sling so it’s always ready when you need it.

  • Lightweight anodised aluminum is light yet strong.
  • Symmetrical oval shape is ideal for slings, belays, and webbing.
  • Screw lock gate is catch-free for zero snagging.
  • Small size enables easy stowage on river rescue sling or your PFD.
  • Ideal for river rescue.


  • Material: Lightweight anodised aluminium.
  • Shape: Symmetrical oval shape (ideal for slings, belays, and ropes).
  • Finish: Blue.
  • Gate Type: Screw lock, catch free gate for zero snagging.
  • Certification: CE EN 12275 and EN 362.
  • Weight: 75 grams.
  • Size: 64 x 109 millimetres.
  • Gate Opening: 20 millimetres.
  • Strength Rating: 24kN (cross loading 10kN, gate open 7kN).